Knowing your own competency profile is always a career advantage. It gives you a realistic insight into your strengths and encourages you to better use them - whether for a change of career, for salary negotiations or for your own personal development.

Are you at a turning point in your professional life? Do others claim you are not realising your full potential? Are you stuck? My Competency profile does not provide a perfect solution and is not a subsitute for personal advice, but it will certainly help you,

  • to discover and comfirm your strengths
  • to find ideas for change
  • to use your profile effectively in the next job interview

A decision for your professional life cannot be delegated to someone else. Here you learn in which occupational fields your specific competencies are called for. We break conventional thinking. This can mean considering alternative jobs in accordance with your newly discovered strengths!

The display exemplifies the diversity of demand for specific competency profiles. Get your own suggestion! 

Competencies and occupational fields

Example of suitable occupational fields for a combination of three competency areas