New offer: Competency Certificate for a superior application

The MyCompetency GmbH offers a new service element: the competency certificate. Each user will be provided - without additional cost - with a certified profile showing the individual profile. This document can complement  the personal application and puts the candidate in superior position. Although competencies play an increasing role, until now there was no systematic way to show them in the application. This gap is now closed. The user can download four versions: German / English and with / without assessment by others.



Flyer Mycompetencyprofile for Companies

Our new Flyer with an detailed description of our services for companies is published. You can download the flyer here: Download PDF (in german only - english version comes later)




Cooperation with the marketing agency secondbrain


From 1st April 2010 MyCompetency GmbH will partner with the marketing agency secondbrain located in St.Gallen/Switzerland to prepare the market entry of the competencyprofile in Switzerland. Secondbrain will undertake a complex market study and target group analysis as a basis for the decision making process to implement relevant marketing instruments in Switzerland. Secondbrain will use his local knowledge of the relevant target groups and will implement the specific marketing activities.

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News from research: Training measure from the Labour Agency help to promote action and implementation competencies in elderly long-term unemployed.

In cooperation with the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology of the University of Jena an activation program by the Federal Employment Agency of Germany for permanently unemployed people was evaluated. Based on “My Competency Profile” it was shown, that on the one hand more people of the treatment group improved action and implementation competency than in the control group. On the other hand there were less people of the treatment group, who decreased activation and implementation competency than people of the control group. Besides those findings further analysis supports the method of the measuring system “My Competency Profile”. Thus in a sense of a construct validation it was shown, that action and implementation competency correlates with items of the initiative construct. Furthermore a dimension structure similar to the theoretically expected structure of the competency model was found. This indicates the validity of the competence measuring system.

About the author:

Marco Filkorn has just started his PhD-study at the Chair for Industrial and Organizational Psychology of the University of Jena. His interests focus on personnel diagnostics, HR-development and change management. At the moment he is about to start his professional career. For further information please send an email to marco.filkorn[at| and feel free to download the study here (in german only).

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News from our research: An increase in leadership responsibility is associated with an increase in action and implementation competency - but it comes with a cost: a decrease in method and professional competency.

This effect was illustrated by administering My Competency Profile (self-assessment of more than 400 managers). You can find this result in article by Timo Meynhardt and Michael Kühn (Federal Labour Agency, Germany) about competency management in a public administration.

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