My Competency Profile is definitely not a shrink-like-test or a personality questionnaire.

My Competency Profile measures an individuals strengths - in a fast and reliable way. It is based on the latest scientific competency research and was developed and tested in an academic environment. In contrast to a classic "test" it is not about better or worse or right or wrong. Instead you learn about your personal way of approaching things. Based on this insight you will be in the position to consider a change of direction.

My Competency Profile provides answers to four simple questions:

  • Am I technically fit?
  • How do I relate to others?
  • What are my human qualities?
  • Do I get things done?  


Everybody has strengths that they may not fully recognise and which they then do not choose to "market". The interaction of the individual competencies often hides potential you did not know you had. Take a step in your own journey!

Since 2007 over 3000 individuals - employees and managers, students and job seekers - have administered this scientifically proven instrument. Customer satisfication tells its own tale.


We don't ask you to agree with statements, but ask what is really important to you.

input form

Part of the questionnaire

We reveal how your "muscles" (competencies) relate to each other and where you possibly exaggerate.

self assessment

Example of graphical representation

We highlight how you are assessed by your friends or colleagues.

assessment by others

Example of averaged and individual assessment by others

Because a picture is not always telling more than 1000 words, you will immediately receive verbal feedback.

Personal competencies

Example of interpretation for one competency area